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Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Women

Long before today’s celebrities began donning sunnies to match their fashion ensemble, vintage aviator sunglasses have been a perennial crowd favorite since the first time military pilots of the U.S. Army Air Corps wore them back in 1935. Since then, aviator sunnies have become an eyewear collection staple.

With their classic silhouette, aviator sunglasses for men and women continue to evolve, with more adventurous, quirky, unique and exciting designs available today.
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Why Shop for Aviator Sunnies?

Well, aside from the cool factor attached to aviator sunnies, another reason why aviators are so popular is that they go with almost anything. You can wear them to great effect regardless of your gender and fashion choices.

They can be dressed up in a suit, tuxedo, ball gown or cocktail dress, or down in jeans, boots, a graphic tee and a leather jacket. You can also find different types of aviators which are products of the evolution of this classic style of shades. These include:

✔ Classic aviators with a slender metal frame, usually silver or gold in colour, and dark lenses.
✔ Aviators with a plastic or acetate frame which essentially have the same shape as traditional aviators. But since the plastic material used in these aviators is thicker than metal, they are often larger than the traditional type.
✔ Square aviator sunglasses that have a slightly squared-off design unlike standard aviators.
✔ Top-bar aviators which feature a thick bar (made of metal, wood, plastic, etc.) that runs over the top of the lenses.

Still, even with these many choices, classic aviators for men and women like the ones we have at CHILLIBEANS remain perennial favourites.

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